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Laundry Point

Simplicity and elegance for self-service laundrette management

Laundry Point has been designed to offer the self-service laundrette market a high-quality centralised cash point at an extremely competitive price.‌ It allows managing up to 12 different washing machines and dryers. All operations are extremely simple and intuitive, thanks to the user interface and the 4 function buttons.

Laundry Point offers great payment flexibility, accepting both cash and cards, thanks to its installed peripherals. The graphics on the panel and cards can be customised in order to allow increased visibility of the company logo.


  • Back-lit function keys, buttons, payment systems and change collection compartment, for easy identification.
  • Front door protected by a 3-point closing lock.
  • Cash point functions accessible via 3 types of cards: activation, management and user.
  • Removable SD-card for performing various operations:
    • importing of configuration data from another cash point;
    • exporting of the cash point accounting data, configuration parameters and system events log;
    • automatic updating of on-board firmware.
  • Installation: wall mounted, by means of the bracket provided or recessed, by means of the optional flange.
  • RS485 interface for connecting to the 2 available BIO boards:
    • single BIO, can control 1 washing machine or dryer;
    • 3BIO, can control 3 washing machines or dryers.
  • The display and buttons indicate that the machine is unavailable in the event that the connected machine transmits a “busy” signal.
  • Programming: on-board, using the wide display and the 4 function buttons after inserting the management card.
    SuiteConfig, new configuration program via PC.


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