H series for laundry

H series for laundry

Range of laundry presses.

Lower buck: padded and heated, with vacuum.

Upper head: steam heated polished head.

Standard features:

  • hand guard
  • pressing strength adjustment
  • repositionable pedals

Main options:

  • set of timers for automatic cycle time control
  • built-in boiler (12 KW) with pump, electronic level control and optional water tank
  • built-in suction motor
  • separate compressor
  • water spray group
SKU: 6305, 6306, 6307, 6308, 6316 Categories: ,

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6305, 6306 6307 6308, 6316
Dimensions: 130x118x155 cm
130x110x155 cm
150x115x115 cm
Net weight: 320 kg 330 kg 340 kg

For a detailed cost-benefit analysis or to visit our experience center please contact our expert laundry specialist

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