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Product code: 5252

Excellent finish in every detail

  • The combination of the rounded cuff clamps and the cuff placket press eliminate the need for touch up in the cuff area.
  • The new shoulder module speeds up drying of the shoulder and yoke area. It differs from competing products in that it is not a solid, polished head, therefore it does not leave shine on dark colors and it allows adjusting the size of the shoulder expanders, thus providing a wrinkle-free finish of the armhole.
  • The presses combined with high air temperature, around 90°C (194°F), allow impeccable finish in just 40-45 seconds of air time.
    Front suction has been strengthened to help positioning of the placket.
  • The shape of the new collar clamp is made to make easy to slip closed garments on the form, such as polo shirts.
  • Trevistar allows automatic finishing of long and short sleeves. The new design of the short sleeve clamps safeguards light fabric from distortion..
Technical specifications
Features: Rounded Cuff Clamps - Pneumatic Adjustment of Cuff Clamp Height - Cuff Placket Press - Shoulder Device
Electrical requirements: 208-240V 3phase 60 Hz
Power consumption: 3,7 kW
Blower motor: 3HP
Heated front clamp: 1000 W
Dimensions: 105 (240)x96x170 cm
41” (94“)x38”x67”

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