Our Journey


The journey began, when our founder Anshul Gupta travelled to the USA for work. There for the first time in his life he had to wash his clothes in a public laundromat. Surprised at

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first but later fascinated. With Indian’s adopting western professional and personal lifestyles, Anshul was positive on the outlook of the concept for India. That is when Anshul and his brother Ankur decided to import the concept into India and QUICKCLEAN was born. QUICKCLEAN setup two laundromats for students in New Delhi. The first one was launched at Delhi University, South Campus. Due to an over whelming response, within three months the second laundromat was setup at Delhi University, North Campus.

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QUICKCLEAN opened 40 laundromats, all over India, under the franchise model.


Working with Electrolux, the global leaders in commercial laundry equipment, QUICKCLEAN added energy efficiency to its business model using gas-based appliances,

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to further improve financial viability. QUICKCLEAN also pioneered the concept of Kilo Laundry – an economic version of a laundry where washing is charged per kilogram instead of per item. Within two years of operation, QUICKCLEAN was able to reach a turnover of ₹ 2 crores.

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QUICKCLEAN extended its solutions to healthcare and hospitality industry, to assist these establishments to setup on-premise laundries or optimize existing ones.


Inked an agreement with Trevil S.r.l., a global leader in garment finishing solutions, to supply top quality finishing equipment in India.


In an endeavor to provide end-to-end solutions to the Indian laundry industry. QUICKCLEAN joined hands with Artmecc, an expert in the manufacture of packaging equipment,

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to supply premium quality packaging machines in India.Also, QUICKCLEAN executed a landmark project for the Indian Military Academy to commission an on-premise laundry on their campus.

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Signed a pact with LG commercial laundry to offer machines, which deliver the best ROI – Return on Investment, for the semi-commercial laundries and revolutionize

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the laundry start-up market.

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With an objective of improving transparency in purchase-transactions and knowledge-transfer and to promote it motto “Try Before You Buy”, QUICKCLEAN

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opened its first experience center at New Delhi.

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Over the last nine years, QUICKCLEAN has implemented laundry solutions for world renowned brands such as Marriott, Taj Hotels, AIIMS, ITC, Artemis etc.,

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to achieve savings and improve quality of output. QUICKCLEAN experts have grown from just two employees in 2010 to a 350 strong team.

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Company Mission

To make our customers business more profitable.


Company Vision

A company that delivers innovative products and services that exceed expectations.

QUICKCLEAN offers solutions not products


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What We Offer

  • Electrolux – Washers, dryers, ironers, efficient dosing system, information management system, machine-bases, detergents and conditioners.
  • LG – Washers and dryers
  • Artmecc – Packaging solutions
  • Trevil – Finishing equipment
  • Rinnai – Water Heaters
  • Technolux – Boilers and vacuum iron tables
  • Dante Bertoni – Plastics trolleys and cans

Committed to the Environment

Less water, energy, and detergent use. More recycling. These environmental goals are very important to our employees, customers and suppliers – and our planet.

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