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All about commercial laundry machines that you need to know

All about commercial laundry machines that you need to know



The business field in laundry has a lot to offer and one can very easily set up several types of businesses in this niche. But when it comes to setting up a business, be it large scale or small scale, there are several investments that are to be made before you begin the process of earning. Now the investments can be made on the basis of just the brand name of a company, or you can do your research and invest only according to your requirement, which will save you a considerable amount of money while you are investing. Now, when it comes to opening a laundry business, your primary investment will be investing in laundry machines, no matter what type of business you wish to establish. Before you start investing in your laundry machines, there are several things that you must be well versed about since there is a whole lot of difference in the operation and requirements of a domestic laundry machine and a commercial laundry machine. A commercial laundry machine has a greater deal of capacity than a domestic machine and there are several other conditions, that if you come to discover once, will be easier for you to choose the brand you wish to collaborate with to fulfil your requirement.


Information about commercial laundry machines that you need to know

As mentioned above, it is always important to do your complete homework when it comes to making investments. And while you are completely collaborating with a brand making bulk orders it is important that you know  everything about the product that you are purchasing from them, since the company will not hold any accountability. They will only go for making their profit and will not even tell you where you can save money. If you know all that is required for your services, you can also save a handsome amount of money. Mentioned below are some of the information that you must know about a commercial laundry machine:

  • Configuring the capacity of laundry in a commercial laundry machine

Configuring a commercial laundry machine can be a bit of a task, as they are not fully automatic and in order to be able to use it properly, you must analyse everything and learn the steps, only then will you be able to make full use of it. Once your manufacturer delivers your machine and your engineer sets it up, he will hand you over a manual guide wherein all the steps that are to be followed will be mentioned. Before you begin with the washing, make sure you go through the entire user manual and understand how the system works, and what it has to offer, for different machines have different operating systems. Once you have read the user manual, give a trial with very few clothes and then you are good to go. But remember, before you start your washing, you know the load capacity that the machine is capable of taking and the total weight of your clothes. According to the calculated weight, you can put in your clothes, but it is better that you put in a little less than the total capacity for the better washing of the clothes. Say for example, you have a total of 20 kgs of clothes and your commercial laundry machine has a wash capacity of 10 kg each. It is better that you take 3 machines, where you put 3 kgs of clothes in two of them and 4 kg in the third one.

  • The wash ratio of a commercial laundry machine

One of the primary knowledge that one must have in order to be able to perfectly use a commercial laundry machine is know the wash ratio of the machine.The wash ratio of the machine basically tell you about the capability of the machine, which means how much load a machine can take up per with retrospection to the weight of the drum. The absolute capacity of the laundry machine is calculated using the total amount of dry weight it can take in. There are several formulas and ways using which your manufacturer or the engineer might wrongly wish to guide you to determine the wash ratio of your commercial laundry machine. At times, they might even make a rough estimation and just give out a random prediction about the wash ratio. Therefore it is important that you stay aware of the standard formula using which you can easily determine the wash ratio of your machine.  The formula to calculate the correct wash ratio for fabrics and drum diameter: the Degree of Loading (DoL). However, the standard wash ratio of a commercial laundry machine in India is 1:10, in case you are unable to figure it out.

  • The best place for a commercial laundry machine

Before you set up a laundry machine at any place, there are several things that you must think through because once you set everything up and things do not work well, it is not just difficult but also burns a lot of money to cover the procedure of position changing. One such aspect is the drainage system near the area of the placement of the laundry machine. You must make sure that it gets easy to drain the water out because even if the delivery of water into the machine is a little farawar, of course not too much, but the place where the water will be drained after each wash must be close and big enough. Then comes checking the total weight of the machine so that you can finalise what ground you must place it in. For example, the heavier your laundry machine is, the more firm ground must be beneath the machine. Another point that you must never forget before placing the machine is that there are not many movable things around or beside the machine since with each wash, the machine will vibrate at a certain rate, and if there are movables around, there are chances that they might keep falling.

  • Who do you need for the installation of a commercial laundry machine?

Some of the studies have stated that if you have the right equipment, you can install a commercial laundry machine by yourself. There is another option, which includes asking your manufacturer to install the machine. But the problem with both the cases is that, there are a lot of professional ailments involved in the process of installing a laundry machine which either of the above mentioned people might be unaware of and since any damage that occurs during the process of instalment shall eb considered to be damage caused externally, it will not even fall under your warranty offer. Thus, there is no effective use of saving just a little amount of money and causing a huge damage, which will eventually lead to more expenditure than it is required. It is always safer to call for an expert engineer who has the proper knowledge of the process of installation and get it done by him without having to worry about any damage.


Examples of some good commercial laundry machines using which you can successfully start your business 

The Electrolux Commercial Laundry Machine was first established in 1919, having its headquarters at Stockholm in Sweden and since then, it has been one of the leading manufacturers of several big and small domestic appliances that delivers the requirements of both personal and professional purposes. It is trusted by millions of people all across the globe. It is one among the big name Fortune 500 and is also listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, making it all the more reliable. The Electrolux company believes in giving out the most unique results to its consumers at efficiently lower operating prices. Electrolux has a good name for expanding its collaboration with several Commercial Laundry service providers as it is known to be a perfect fit for the market from all its spheres, starting from the physical look, to its user friendly operations and thus it is regarded as one of the best companies to start your laundry services with.

LG is one of the most well known and trusted companies among all the commercial consumers when it comes to purchasing domestic appliances because of its easy to use productions and low cost of maintenance. All its products are pretty much consistent in their services and at the same time they also provide machines physically so well built that they save a lot of space and energy too. One of its unique features is providing silent machines. These machines, while they are being operated, dampens the noise and does all the work in complete silence. The consumers desire for a product that does all their work without nay disturbance. Apart from the uniqueness in their production, it is safe to say that the LG commercial laundry machines are not just reliable, but are durable too, with long periods of warranty over any damage. The rate of investment on these machines is less, but the return they give out, is comparatively higher.



Before you start your business, it is important to make an estimation of the recovery of your capital. Make only the minimum investment, so that the recovery gets easier and you can start making profit at a faster pace. In the business of laundry, the commercial laundry machines are like the limbs of the business and one cannot run a business without them. SOo, always remember to do your homework before you invest in them, take your time, but only go for the right one.


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