Complete Solutions for Laundry Business

Complete Solutions for Laundry Business.

Quick Clean – Complete Solutions for Laundry Business.

The one thing which makes India unique as a country is its diversification. India as a country is 7th largest according to landmass but has the second largest population in the world. There are cities in India with populations more than countries in Europe. In fact a few countries in Europe. The combined population of Indian metro cities if more than the population of North America. 

So, what happens when there are so many people? The short answer: “Chaos”. And according to us at Quick Clean, “there’s opportunity in Chaos”. 

About a decade ago, while just strolling on the streets in the US, Anshul Gupta stumbled on a coin-operated laundry. He thought if they can, why not us? And that’s how Quick Clean was born. Now this story has been narrated numerous times, both in events and in person. Quick Clean evolved from just a coin-operated dry cleaning vendor to now “The Largest” importer and supplier of industrial laundry machines in India. But, the job is not done yet. Not entirely, there’s still a road ahead that we at Quick Clean wish to travel. The travel not only because we want to be the largest in Asia, but because it solves the problem which we all wished solved. We wanted to be “The” organization offering Complete Solutions for Laundry Business.  Organize the unorganized laundry sector. 

Complete Solutions for Laundry Business


Complete Solutions for your laundry business

First question, why Laundry business? We have tried to summarise this on one of our pages, Quick Start.  As mentioned earlier, “opportunity lies in chaos”, and we went straight for the opportunity that was untapped. We not just organized and mastered it, but we also became the best in it.  Just like a civilization, we evolved. In our 12 years of existence, we learned. We learned the lessons which we were ready to teach and taught to the masses so they succeed with us. We grew with time and we grew people with us. It wasn’t a journey taken alone. Now we wish to share our experiences with more and more people around us. 


So how do we plan on doing it? How do we offer complete solutions for laundry business?  

Business Modelling

That proverb, “been there done that” applies to us more than any other player in the laundry industry. We’ve existed for over a decade, and we have experienced. Our experience will help you model your business in a way it doesn’t fail. We help you understand the model, profitability, and investment so you get the best of Return on your investment. 


Equipment Selection

The choice of your equipment is The most important factor when it comes to the success of your laundry business. Quick Clean’s expertise is in its ability to identify and assimilate multiple appliances into a solution that will deliver you the highest possible savings. 

It’s also important to consider the variables such as productivity, environmental impact and wash conditions while you choose any equipment. 

The best part of going with Quick Clean, we understand your sentiments and your research. Being the largest importer, we value your research and we will get you the equipment you need. 


Site Selection

In business, the most important and critical point is to understand where your customer is. The Ideal Customer profile. 

With our experience, we help identify the best possible location for your business and the site that will give you maximum returns on your investment. 


Layout Preparation

Quick Clean in its last 12 years of existence has installed over 6000 laundry setups. We didn’t outsource any of it. We did it ourselves. We will help you on how the layout should be. The criticalities and the structure of how the laundry setup should be. 


Pre Launch Marketing Support

A business isn’t a business till it has customers who want to buy the products or services its offers. We help you with the pre-launch marketing. Creating the buzz which is required to get the ball rolling. We help you with the strategies on how to go about reaching out to the customers who need the services the most. 


Website and Social Media setup

We have teams which is a nerd. A team involved in social media and websites that are essential for your growth. We help you create your own digital setup so you can reach out your targeted customers. 


Billing software including mobile app and online ordering system

When we start a business, it’s important to track what’s going on in the system. We help do the tracking for you, and we help so digitally. Access to the data is always available wherever you want the data to be available. We help setup the entire online system for you so you don’t have to worry about the books. 


Marketing collateral 

We are a business ourselves, and we understand the importance of marketing for a business. We help you build those marketing collaterals important for your business to succeed. 


In store branding guidelines

Have you ever heard about the golden ratio? There are a lot of points in design that are important for it to be noticed and for the eventual success. You don’t have to worry about these terms and those designs, as we have nerds who spent their life studying these. We let them worry about the mitigates and variables and you just enjoy the creatives being placed in your laundry. 


Training of staff

Our staff is the one working on the machines and they are the ones responsible for the eventual deliveries of the products. A trained staff means happy customers and efficiently working machines. As a complete package, we offer training to your staff. That training is not just limited to the machines, but also on customer handling and on how to get repeat business. 



  1. Quick Clean offers  Complete Solutions for Laundry Business if you intend to get into this industry. 
  2. With quick clean, you are not dealing with amateurs. You will deal with professionals that are seasoned and know what they are doing. 
  3. With Quick Clean, you get complete support and not just the machine.
  4. Quick clean is a one-shop solution for your business needs.
  5. Quick Clean is not just limited to the sales of machines, but also offers Complete Solutions for Laundry Business. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is Quick Clean?

Ans: Complete Solutions for Laundry Business. Quick clean is not about machines, but the solution of the Laundry industry.


Can we buy the machines online?

Ans: Yes, you sure can. You tell us what machine you like, we will share the payment link with you. You won’t have to visit our office or our factory. Everything is digital. We will ship you the machine at your site.


Do you help with the installation of the machine? 

Ans: Yes, we do. We can send engineers who are trained on the installation. 


Should we really get into the laundry business? 

Ans: Laundry is amongst the most unorganized yet has the highest return on your investment. Getting into laundry isn’t like washing clothes by hand anymore. Machines are now more sophisticated than ever before and the job is cleaner with no “chick chick and no jhik jhik”


What machines do you offer?

Ans: The answer is, what machine can you think of? We offer anything and everything which is available for sale, not just in India but also in the world. You tell us the machine you want and we will have it shipped to you.

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