Electrolux commercial washing machines

A bird’s eye view on Electrolux commercial washing machines

A bird’s eye view on Electrolux commercial washing machines. What makes Electrolux the choice of customers?


Electrolux, which was established in 1919 in Stockholm in Sweden first is one of the major Fortune 500 companies. It is one of the most purchased products by the customer because of its quality and affordable prices. The Electrolux Washing machines have secured the position of the best washing appliances of 2022. It is the leading company in not just manufacturing and selling washing machines, but it is a globally learning brand in manufacturing all home appliances as well. With 100 years of prosperity, there is no wonder why people are still crazy about Electrolux.


Information about Electrolux commercial washing machines


The Electrolux Commercial washing machines have been reviewed and stated to be one of the most reliable and most energy efficient washing machines by the users. It is known for its advanced technologies and its fast services. It has several unique services that make it one of the most chosen brands in laundry machines. Some of them are as mentioned below:


  1. Smart boost feature

This feature is one of the most preferred features by most of customers. The smart boost enables the water and the detergent to mix well together before the entire process of washing begins. This leaves behind no cluster of detergent and washes the clothes thoroughly just like you do when you wash them with your hands.


  1. Energy Star feature

The energy star feature is one which was made so that washing machines are not just customer friendly but at the same time eco friendly too. This enables the washing machines to use less amount of water and also consume less amount of electricity which is beneficial for the environment.


  1. Quick Wash Feature

Another very unique feature that is provided by the Electrolux Washing machines is the quick wash feature. If you enable this mode, it allows you to wash all your clothes in under 15 minutes, sanitizing them well enough and also removing 99% of germs from all your clothes.


  1. Laundry Pulse and Laundry Pay

These are the features that are most suitable for commercial purposes. A perfect blend of these two services makes it the easiest way of commercializing in the laundry business giving the best experience to both the owner and the customer. Using the Laundry PUlse app, the owner of any store can take care of his store monitoring all the usage and any other activity of the machines or any other services. He can also manage more than one store using the same app. Laundry Pay on the other hand allows the customers to wash and clean their clothes using an application on their mobile phone, giving them a hassle-free laundry experience.


  1. Compass Pro

The Compass Pro Application is another feature that has been used in commercial washing machines. Using the Compass Pro feature, the owner can set up as many customizations as he wishes to in his machine, and all the customer has to do to avail the services turn the knob to their desired service and start the machine. The owner can even set up prices for each wash and set them to display on the washing machine using this app. The best part about this feature is that it displays the instructions in two different languages.


Why are Electrolux laundry machines the best for your laundry business?


There are certain factors that make a company the best and the most desired by almost all the customers in the market. As mentioned earlier, Electrolux is the most relied upon laundry machine and mentioned below are some of the reasons why it is the best investment if you are planning to start up a laundry business:


  1. Brand name and recognition

The Electrolux Washing Machines and other domestic appliances is very well known among all the consumers and has a reputed brand name. Since it is one of the oldest producers of washing machines, it is trusted by millions of people. Using the Electrolux Commercial washing machine for your laundry business will be a great boost in terms of your profit margin as people will rely on your machine, resulting in them to use your services rather than choosing some other organisation that is using laundry machines of some other brand. The Electrolux washing machines are not just reliable, but also very easy to use, so in case you have a laundromat, using the Electrolux commercial washing machines will be very beneficial for you as people do not prefer complications. We all want our services done quickly, that is true, but end up losing patience and will not prefer coming back to take services from you. Choosing machines that are reliable and easy to use will help you in earning the loyalty of the customers.


  1. Energy Saving

Before you begin your laundry business, you put in a great deal of investment into buying Commercial Laundry machines, setting them up, installing and configuring them, and for other such expenses. Although the Electrolux Commercial Washing Machine is most likely to drive you into a bit of a savings, which you will realise once you compare the other prices, yet there will be a hole in your pocket, which you will ofcourse fill up very soon gaining all the customer loyalty and increasing your brand name. But even after all the capital investments made, there will definitely be a certain amount of running costs in your business. It includes the rent of the place and the heavy electricity bill that is most likely to generate at the end of every month after the constant usage of so many commercial washing machines. But you do not have to worry if you are using the Electrolux Washing machine range as it uses the advanced smart wash technology, which enables the power saver mode in the washing machine and it consumes less electricity, giving the same wash results. With the smart wash technology, the Electrolux Washing Machines not only saves your electricity bills, but also your utility bills like your drainage and sewage bills, so it is undoubtedly a great investment.


  1. Large Capacity and High-Speed Spinning

Another primary reason why the Electrolux Washing Machines is better than any other brand is the large holding capacity and wash ratio it has to offer. The Electrolux Commercial washing machines, being a company that believes in customer satisfaction and meeting up to their demands, manufacture washing machines that have huge inner space, which is big enough to fit in the entire family’s 6 to 7 days of laundry all at once and there will be no compromise in the quality of wash because of the load as it is meant to wash huge loads of clothes together. Furthermore, the Electrolux washing machines have a better wash ratio in comparison to the other machines which makes the time consumed less too. Another benefit falls for the high G-spinning speed that the Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines offer, which extracts as much water as is possible after each wash from all the clothes in calculative less time and dries up the clothes without crumbling them too much. All of this adds up to a sustainable point of advertisement, which will sell out your services at a faster rate in these fast times, that is using all the special facilities, a family can do their laundry once a week all together within an hour.


  1. Durable and trustworthy

You might be tempted by some random washing machine of a certain company that is giving out very exciting offers and has very low selling prices. You might even end up buying them in order to save some of your capital. But that will only be a short-term saving since if you compromise on the quality of the machines that you are burying, it will only keep on increasing your running costs each month. If a washing machine is not durable, it will require constant maintenance, which will keep on increasing your expense and at the same time, there are also chances of external part damage due to heavy usage since at a laundromat, it is imperative that the washing machines will be in use at all times. This will create such big expenses that there will be no point in saving money at the time of capital investment. It is always recommended that you go for a product that has high reliability and durability to cut short all these miscellaneous expenditures. The Electrolux Washing machines are widely known for their reliability and durability which are most likely to run for a very long period of time without getting any part damaged. This also increases the reputation of your organization, since every time a machine goes under service, an out-of-service tag is posted on it, and it makes your company less reliable for the customers.



It is always better to go for goods that have been verified to give out best results even if some unknown brand offers you extra discount since it will save you a lot of running cost and will also help you earn a good name among your customers. Using the Electrolux commercial washing machine, you can be rest assured that your laundry business will flourish before your estimated time. You can schedule your visit at Quick Clean experience center to see the magic for real. Our address is also located on google, just click the link below for directions.



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