Lagoon Advanced Care

Benefit of Water with Lagoon Advanced Care

A water based environmentally friendly complete cleaning solution for conventional and dry-clean-only laundry.


An Integrated Express Cleaning System

Advantages of Wet Cleaning

Environmentally friendly
Absence of toxic chemicals, because water is the solvent, reduces impact on the environment.
Washing Versatility
Wet clean your daily-wear and the most delicate and dry-clean only fabrics.
Easy to use
User-friendly and easy-to-learn processes reduce gestation time.


Water – Nature’s best Solvent



Lagoon Advance Care is gentle not only on your delicate fabrics also on the environment. Although a water-based technique it functions just like a solvent-based technique but in a eco-friendly manner.


An array of specially formulated detergents for extraordinary output.

Unblemished Results

A comprehensive range of pre-brushing and pre-spotting agents.

You are in safe hands with Lagoon Advanced Care

Electrolux’s Lagoon Advance Care is approved by the Woolmark Company as appropriate for cleaning dry-clean only wools.

The Hohenstein Institute, has attested that there is no textile erosion, colour damage or permanent dimensional variation even after multiple washing.

For a detailed cost-benefit analysis or to visit our experience center please contact our expert laundry specialist

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