Commercial Laundry System

LG Commercial Laundry System

LG Commercial Laundry System is not just about technology but robust infrastructure to promote your operation.

Quicker Access to Success

Reduce costs with superior productivity and generate profits with higher consistency.

Direct drive technology
LG’s trademarked inverter direct drive, in which the drum is directly attached to the drum. This mechanism reduces the number of moving parts in turn reducing maintenance costs.

Automatic suds detection
The washer automatically detects over-suds and moves into a suds reduction mode. To deliver a superior wash output.

Tilted drum
LG washers are inclined at an angle of 10°. This feature enables the washer to use less water without compromising on quality.

Energy optimization
The dryers automatically control the flow of air and gas, to allocate the precise quantity of energy-source. While the electrode sensor monitors the temperature and moisture to optimize drying -time. These mechanisms significantly boost energy efficiency.

Space saver
The AdaptAble -trademark control, reversible door feature and compact design let you save precious real estate.

Energy star qualification
Save money and help the environment with LG’s energy star qualified appliances.

Save operating costs and service down-time
All LG commercial laundry products, can be serviced from the front and are heat-treated for protection against wear and tear. These qualities reduce operating costs and service-downtime.

LG service guarantee
The company has manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and research and development facilities in 118 global operations, around the world. To help improve customer’s lives and businesses.




Excellent Dry Performance

  • The Titan-C optimizes its big capacity and energy efficiency.
  • Automatic Liquid Supply Injection Interfac.e
  • Gas/Air Flow Optimization.

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Easy Sliding System

  • The Giant-C+ is best solution for your business.
  • Save costs and space with high efficiency and easy installation and make money on LG reliability.
  • Installation Flexibility.

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Atom is an ideal machine for small space.

  • Power Wash Program.
  • Smart Tub Cleaning System.
  • Multiple Damper Vibration Reduction.

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