LG commercial washing machines

Why is LG amongst the most sought after washing machines when it comes to commercial laundry?

LG commercial washing machines


Why is LG amongst the most sought-after washing machines when it comes to commercial laundry?



LG – Life’s Good was established in 1958. It was a Korean brand, but in no time, it became one of the most famous brands in India. For all the reliable and durable home appliances that LG produced, it truly made the life of all the Indians, not just good, but great. It is  a very trusted brand in the market, especially when it comes to washing machines. The LG washing machines, are affordable and user friendly that have great insurance with hassle free services. There is no doubt that LG has won over the hearts of all the Indians, and even after so many years, it is still a well known entity and it only keeps improving and flourishing in the market.


Information about LG washing machines

 The LG commercial washing machines have been earning its name in the field of laundry business ever since it was established. There are several reasons as to why the LG washing machines stand out, when there are thousands of other brands available in the market that can help owners set up their laundry business. The LG commercial washing machines, not only has a good reputation as a company but also has some special features which will not be a part if you go for any other range of commercial washing machines. Mentioned below are some such features of the LG Commercial Washing Machines:

  • Premium Powder Coating

The LG commercial washing machines are made using a premium powder to coat the exterior. It garranties a durability of as strong as while painting a car. The premium powder coating gives a very sleek look to the washing machine. It not only makes the machine look good, but also makes it easier to maintain, as the premium quality powder does not let dirt stick to it. You can easily clean it only using a wet cloth and it will look as good as new. The premium powder coating makes the exterior of the washing machine strong and durable.

  • The Inverter Direct Drive Technology

Unlike the old designs of a washing machine, the LG commercial washing machines have the washing durm directly attached to the motor of the washing machines which makes it easy to maintain and it also is repaired, when required as a single part. This reduces complications in the machine as both the parts are made to function together as one. The belt and pulley system is completely abolished in these washers which makes every wash brushless and there is no side effect given out on the motor, which makes the washing machine all the more durable.

  • The Multiple Heat technology

With the new advanced designs that the LG commercial washing machines use, another added benefit is that they also use upgraded technology, which is not only easy for the users to operate, but also good for the clothes. The LG washing machines have in-built Multiple heat technology which makes sure that there is no wear and tear of the clothes, no matter how many are put together. It also ensures that all the water is completely soaked out from the clothes after every wash so that the procedure of manual drying takes up less time.

  • Saves a lot of space

The LG commercial washing machine range is built keeping in mind to give out heavy profit rates to the new laundry businesses. Due to this idea, they have been built with small structures that have high storage capacity. This enables more washing machines to be placed in one laundromat, as a result of which, more than the average number of customers can use the systems in a small space to take services from your business.


  • Easy Installation

The LG commercial washing machines make the installation less complicated and also saves a lot of capital investment because of its flexible method of installation. Furthermore, it comes in very handy especially when you are planning to relocate your business. The flexible installation of the LG washing machines are easy to move around with the minimum cost unlike any other commercial washing machine.


What are the different types of LG commercial washing machines available in the market?

The LG commercial washing machines are known to be the best and are often chosen by most of business owners when it comes to starting up a laundry business. They are not only efficient and durable but also save a lot of capital investment and also reduce the rate of running costs with their environment friendly designs. The LG washing machines are the best support for your laundry business, which will give out a higher profit and will make your business flourish in no time. There are a wide range of available products to cater to the different requirements on the various sizes and demands of the laundry business. Mentioned below are the different types of LG Commercial Washing machines available in the market:


  • The LG Titan C

The Titan C is one of the best known LG washing machines in the market because of its huge storage capacity and its energy saving mode, that enables the consumers to get all their laundry done in just one round and also save a lot of energy making it efficient for the environment as well. The cherry on top is the wide range of modern designs they are available in, which goes absolutely well with the style of any laundromat. It also gives out the ultimate performance in terms of cleaning and drying, removing even the toughest of stains and soaking all the water from the clothes after each wash to save the dry time. The LG Titan C has an automatic liquid supply injection  technique which has 5 different tubes for the easy connection of the liquid supply system to your machine without any complications. It also has a multiple damper vibration reducer, which creates less vibrations and noise during the process and the premium powder coating makes the external more durable and of heavy duty.


  • The LG Giant C

The LG Giant C commercial washing machines are the best option to start up your laundry business. IT is most likely to save you a lot of running costs, which includes your energy and electric bills. With the easy installation technology, the LG Giant C will give you a hassle free start for your business, requiring less space and less complicated methods to install the washing machine. With the very high efficiency rate and also the user-friendly mode of the usage of the laundry machine, the LG giant c is sure to get more customers to walk into your store. It also has the in builts AdaptAble controls which makes the entire washing machine versatile for use. They are easy only with a click away. All the user has to do is click on the mode of washing or service they require at the moment, and the system is all set to give out the desired service. The primary characteristics that attract the customers more to the LG Giant C is the easy stack removable system. You can effortlessly remove either of the two stacks without having to remove both of them as per your requirement.


  • The LG Atom

The LG Atom commercial washing machine is mainly built for businesses that require small space to install their washing machines. It has a 24 inch sized cabinet which is flexible and suitable to install and work about in small spaces. The LG atome might require a small spec, but is equally efficient like the other LG washing machines. The model was designed so that the same amount of work can be done by a company in a washing machine, but only that the machine would do its job with less amount of energy and water. The Atom being heater type washing machines, has the Power wash program. The power wash program is known to give out better results than the normal washer technologies, as it boils the water to a certain temperature so that even the toughest of marks can be removed without having to put in manual effort, in the machine itself. All you need to do is click on the power wash program button and set up the normal settings and then leave the washing machine to do its job.



With such unique benefits, the LG commercial washing machines give its users the ultimate washing experience they deserve in no time. It makes the process of washing clothes in the washers relaxing, instead of people having to worry how the clothes will come out if they use a washing machine instead of manually washing them. LG washing machines make sure that they give the users quality wash and due to this they have earned a great name in the market. This is the reason why the LG commercial machines are the most sought for when it comes to using washing machines for the business purpose.

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