Lineablu rectangular vacuum board

Lineablu rectangular vacuum board

Products in the low-cost LINEABLU range are simple and robust, designed and made in Italy by Trevil, to guarantee price-effective quality and reliability.

Utility vacuum board with heated surface and thermostatic temperature control.

Main features:

  • Surface temperature adjustment
  • Iron support
  • Automatic 4kW built-in boiler with pump feed
  • (Standard feature only on model 2260)
  • 800 W steam electric iron (F005)
  • (Standard feature only on model 2260)
  • Cable holder rod
  • (Standard feature only on model 2260)
  • Cover with polyester padding


  • Swing arm with heated buck
  • Chimney
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Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

2260 2161
Electrical requirements:  400 V 3N 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz
Power consumption:  6450 W 1250 W
Dimensions:  239x71x167 cm
139x71x92 cm
Net weight: 96 kg 72 kg

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