Trevistar CR

The Trevistar CR is the latest evolution of the well-known Trevil blowing shirt finisher. The Trevistar CR provides productivity, finishing quality and operator comfort.
The machine has an output of 50 shirts/hr, which is a real productivity figure, because the quality of the finish provided by the machine is such that virtually no touch up is needed.
Sleeve arms have been redesigned to allow unprecedented control of sleeve tensioning. The movement of the cuff clamps is studied to keep them always correctly aligned to the shoulders. The amount of tension impressed to the sleeves can be electronically programmed according to the fabric.

The machine is available in two versions, which differ in the cuff finishing device. One type provides a soft finish, by means of blowing devices, which dry the placket without marks or undesired creases. The other type finishes the placket and the cuff pleats at the same time using a press.

The TreviTouch touch screen makes it super simple to use the machine. The new Smart interface allows full control of the machine movements in a simple and intuitive way.

The Trevistar CR is the most compact shirt finisher in the market. The console can be set up on the right or on the left of the operator, thus adapting to different store layouts.

Available models

5280 – Regular buck and blown finish of pleats & placket

5281 – Narrow buck and blown finish of pleats & placket

5282 – Regular buck and pressed finish of pleats & placket

5283 – Narrow buck and pressed finish of pleats & placket

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Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

5280 – 5281 5282 – 5283
Electrical requirements:

 400V 3N 50 Hz

220V 3 60Hz

400 V 3N 50 Hz

220V 3 60Hz

Power consumption:  3.7  KW  4.6 KW
Dimensions:  113 (240 max)x98x226 cm
  113(240 max)x98x226 cm
Net weight: 330 kg  340 kg

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