commercial laundry solutions

Everything about Quick Clean and its commercial laundry solutions

Everything about Quick Clean and its commercial laundry solutions



The Quick cleaning laundry service was established in the year 2010, inspired by the US system of Laundromats. With India adapting to everything western, it struck that the laundry business might end up earning a huge name among the Indians and that is when the idea of Quick Clean bloomed. The first quick clean services were set up in New Delhi to be of use for the students, and slowly the territory only kept on expanding. Quick clean deals with a variety of laundry services and provide the business owners the primary equipment that they require to set up and flourish their business. Ever since it has been established, Quick clean has been helping several laundry startups earn high rates of profits with comparatively lower rates of investments which is why it is preferred by so many businesses. It provides machine services to brands like Electrolux, LG, and other such prominent and trustworthy companies which makes it reliable and also helpful to earn customer loyalty. The Quick Clean commercial laundry solutions have been a great boost for most entrepreneurs as it has not just provided them with the equipment to set up their businesses, but has also given them guidance before and after establishing their business. They have assisted several owners showing them the right path which if chosen is most likely to give out great results.


The commercial laundry solutions by Quick clean have been so appreciated by the consumers that within a year of starting the business of laundry at Quick clean, that is by 2011, it already had around 40 laundromats all across India and most of the population switched to the laundromat services, instead of washing clothes at home. With the establishment of so many laundromats, this became a new trend and thus the laundry business, even till date only keeps on flourishing and there is no doubt that the laundry business will soon become one of the most profitable business at a low rate of investment, which is the best reason to go for such a startup. Partnering with Electrolux and giving out the bulk of the worldwide customer appreciated product, Quick clean the turnover it required. Quick clean is a great idea for any laundry startup idea as it is not just manufactured keeping the satisfaction of the customer in mind, but with time, Quick clean has adapted measures that will give out the same results but will also help in conserving energy.


Commercial laundry solutions by Quick Clean


  • Dry Cleaning

Quick Clean is probably one of the best options for you if you have been planning to open up a new dry cleaning business or have an existing one but you wish to go for upgrading it. Quick Clean will provide you with the best equipment at a reasonable price, and will also reduce your running cost to a great level. All the commercial laundry solutions provided by Quick clean for you dry cleaning business are environment friendly and are also ones that are preferred by the majority of your customers. The best part about opting for quick clean as your dry cleaning partner is the end-to-end automation procedure offered by the company Quick clean not only offers you washing equipment but also has equipment that will make sure that you barely have to put in any manual effort. It starts with washing the clothes, to drying and packing it for your customers.

  • Commercial Laundry

If you are planning on the expansion of your already set up commercial laundry or have thought about setting up your own commercial laundry, the commercial laundry services by Quick clean will be of great assistance in the entire process. Quick Clean provides you with machines that are durable and have huge spaces so that you can wash bulks of clothes together making sure that your customers get a quality wash each time. Quick clean also makes sure that they give out customized solutions as per your requirement. Given that there is a lot more quantity of clothes that are to be looked after in commercial laundry, Quick clean makes sure that once you state about your business expansion plan, it will give you ideas on how to work it up and will provide you with quality equipment, at the best price possible.

  • Laundromat

To set up a laundromat, taking up the commercial laundry services by QUICK Clean is probably the best decision one can make. With its Electrolux laundromat setup, QuickClean also gives out a cou0ple of other benefits which will ease the process for you. All you have to do is think about how to advertise it. The Quick Clean Electrolux Laundromat Equipment comes with turnkey solutions. The Electrolux turnkey solutions help you with the marketing agendas before and after setting up the business and also give you a good idea of how you can acquire quality machines at the lowest prices. Along with the turnkey package, you also get the opportunity of trying out the equipment before you put them to your business as essential goods. This will make you more confident about your machines and you can make sure that you are only going for user-friendly machines, which will help you in getting more customers for your laundromat.

  • Hospital Laundry

The commercial laundry solutions by Quick Clean helps you in achieving your ultimate goal of attaining quantifiable cleanliness if you have a hospital laundry business or wish to set up one. One of the major issues that a hospital laundry business faces is the issue of cleanliness as the most important factor in working for a hospital is hygiene. With QuickClean you can be rest assured regarding the factors of hygiene and cleanliness as it is most likely to provide you with equipment that will give out the perfect clean wash each time. Furthermore, the commercial laundry solutions by Quick clean also assist you with the process of supplying and installing all the machines in the area of your laundry services, so that you do not have to take the headache of getting all the equipment delivered safely. This also saves a lot of capital investment costs for you.

  • Campus Laundry

Having a campus laundry and planning it out for the perfect execution so that you can get the best results out of it and can make a profit easily might get overwhelming to think of sometimes. This is where the commercial laundry solutions by Quick clean come in handy for you. The first and the most important point to keep in mind before setting up a campus laundry business is that you will be needing durable and efficient washers so that they can be put to rough use. Quick clean has got you perfectly covered in that area, for it is known to give out the best equipment which last long and are also easily operatable. The equipment is engineered with improved technology and also helps in the consumption of energy which will be a great profit sale for your business. QuickClean not only gives you the perfect delivery of equipment to reduce your burden, but it also facilitates the promotion of your setup.

  • On-premises Laundry

If you are planning to start an on-premises laundry organization or have an idea in your mind to improve your existing organization just do not know how to implement it, the commercial services by QuickClean are undoubtedly going to be your best friend and will help you out through the procedure. QuickClean helps you in eliminating the old machines that you have been using for quite some time and replaces them with newer and advanced machines that will help you to earn more profit and also attract your customers and make them loyal to your organization because of the upgradation and the quality product. The best part about these machines is that they are small in size which reduces a lot of space and you can also accommodate more machines inside the premise, which will give more output than usual. The machines might be small in size, but they have a larger storage capacity which enables you to wash more clothes together, giving out the same clean wash each time.



QuickClean is the best option for starting up any type of laundry business, as it will not only provide you with the equipment you need to start up your business but will also help you in laying a route to have a successful road in the field. Quick clean has been helping several laundry businesses for the past 12 years, and with such experience and a high rate of success, there is no doubt that you can blindly trust the commercial laundry solutions by Quick clean in order to have a successful business. Quick clean aims to make innovative machines that will go beyond the expectations of the customers and will take them one step closer to their goal of making the businesses of their customers profitable.

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