About Technolux

Technolux, is QuickClean’s own brand, developed by us with the motive to supply high quality and efficient laundry equipment designed especially for Indian garments.

Technolux products are the fruit of our knowledge of the requirementsof the Indian laundry market, collated from client feedback, observations and our research and development. All the productsare designed inhouse, at our office at New Delhi, optimized to operate efficiently under any India working condition.




50 KG Gas Boiler

Gas Heated – T-GSB50

Our first product introduced into the Indian market was a 50 KG gas-based boiler to generate steam. One of the first of its kind in India.

The genesis of this product was to alleviate the huge electricity load, laundries / dry cleaners have to bear, to provide steam to their finishing equipment. LPG is a more economical substitute to electricity.

Vacuum Iron Table

Identifying the need for a large surface area for ironing. QUICKCLEAN developed a unique vacuum table, which has the biggest surface area, 5 x 2 feet, as compared to any other ironing table available in the Indian market. The larger area significantly boosts productivity of the operator.

For a detailed cost-benefit analysis or to visit our experience center please contact our laundry specialist

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