Thinking of a second business which can be profitable?

Thinking of a second business which can be profitable?


Someone once rightly said that no amount of money can ever be enough to be able to spend. We always look for something that can help us earn a little extra out of doing close to nothing. Well, in order to do that, you must be able to invest a little money and then expect it to give you returns in the long run. Everything can be turned into business these days. All you need to do is have a little idea of how to convert it into one. Continue reading the blog to find out what are some of the second business opportunities that will help you earn some part time income.


What are the best 10 second profitable business ideas to gear start your start up?

  • Laundry business

If you already have a full fledged business that is also running well with your full time effort and you still wish to have a second business opportunity for part time income, setting up a laundry business will be the best option for you. It will not only help you generate your desired part time income, but will at the same time, require no effort from your side. All you need to do is set up the proper plan for running the business. You will also be required to invest a day or so for setting up all the necessary equipment that you will be needing for setting up the laundry business like washing machines, detergents and a place to fix the set up. This is where Quick Clean can help you. All you need to do is present a layout of your plan, and Quick Clean will help in the entire set up. You can sit back, continue looking after your own business, and earn the revenue that is earned from your second business opportunity. Setting up a laundry business can never go in vain, because it will always bring a prominent profit margin.

  • Setting up a food truck

Setting up a food truck is another excellent idea if you are looking for a second business opportunity to earn some part time income. Just like setting up a laundry business requires no effort, similar is the case with the food truck. All you need to do is keep an accountant, who will take care of all the expenses. Make sure that your accountant is loyal to you, otherwise you might end up getting less profit from what your food truck is actually obtaining. And you will also be needing two chefs, who can alternately cook and serve the food to the customers. You can always start with one chef if you wish to have a lesser distribution of your profit because the flow of work initially will always be less and so will the profit. However, if you set up your food truck in the right place, and sell good quality food items that are also in demand, you will soon end up earning a good name for your truck, as a result of which, you will also have a huge profit margin. With time, you will have to hire 2 chefs so that the process can function swiftly.

  • Owning a car washing services and auto repairs centre

In today’s times, almost every family owns a car. In most of the cases, each member who is an adult has a car of his own for the convenience of reaching his education centre or his place of work. But there is such a rate of time crunch that people do not even have the time to take care of their car. However, maintaining a car if you own it is mandatory. This is why opening a shop that cleans and at the same time repairs cars that have broken down in the middle of the road is an amazing second business opportunity. It will also help you earn some part time money. All you need to do is look for the perfect place, preferably somewhere in the middle of a highway to set up your store. Get all the equipment that will be required to run the business and some skilled employees. Sit back, take care of your current business and at the same time get some part time money in your hands too.

  • Investing in a Real estate

It might be a little scary initially to invest in real estate for it requires a lot of capital investment. For a second business opportunity, the rate of investment might seem like a really hefty amount. However, if you think in the long term practically, investing in real estate will really help you in earning a good amount of part time income. If you invest in a well- positioned property that has good furnishing and all the other necessary amenities that are required in day today life, it will get you loads of money. There is no manual labour required in this side business, neither internal, nor external. You just need to make sure that before you put the house on lease or on rent, you have cleaned it well enough and have made it presentable. You can either put the property on rent, which will get you a monthly part time income. You can also use investing in real estate as a long term investment. The prices of land and properties keep increasing according to demand and its position. If you invest in the right property, after a few years, you might end up earning lakhs of money as compared to what you had invested.

  • Start your blog page or become a freelance blogger

If you love to express your thoughts and imagination through words and wish to pursue writing as a passion, you can always start blogging. To start a blog, you first have to select a niche, on which all your blogs will be focused upon. And then you can come up with several aspects of the niche and leabrote them. People love reading blogs and getting to know new things. So if you plan to start blogging, make sure you are thinking out of the box and covering something that has been unexplored. There is another option, if you do not know how to start your own blog, but write amazing blogs. You can always take up projects by becoming a freelance blog writer. For this, you must have a good portfolio, wherein there will be several samples of your work. Get hold of clients that suffice your price per word and take up their projects. This will help you have a great part time income out of doing what you love.

  • Sell your art

We all have an area of interest that cannot be pursued professionally as an only business. Use your skill as a second business opportunity to earn some part time income. For example, say you are good at painting, sell your paintings. You can also paint on any of the decors and sell them. You can also take up customised orders and design what your customer wants for themself. Another great idea is if you are good at scrapping things out of waste. It will only require the investment of your time, and whatever money you earn will completely go in your profit. There is no monetary investment if you can create craft out of waste. This business will require the same bottom line as that of blogging. There are so many people selling things online that you will flourish well only if you are selling something unique. So think out of the box and go for it.

  • Become a local tour guide

If you think you have a knack for travelling and you know every nook and corner of your city, you can start working as a local tour guide. This will require you to take the tourists to the places of their interest, go across the entire city and also at the same time, tell the history of each place to them. This is a great exercise that will not only get you a little part time income, but will also help you meet new people and will make you happy from the inside.

  • Start a Youtube Channel

The entire world is on social media these days. If you are good with technology and have the power of creating content that will sell, starting a Youtube channel will help you earn a little extra part time income and will also get you fame. This might take a little longer investment of time as compared to the other businesses to earn profit, but if you are consistent enough, this is a great second business opportunity.


Where there is will, there is a way. If you look for ways hard enough to earn some part time income, you will definitely have a way out of it. All you need to do is have a detailed research of what you wish to establish. You must also be willing to invest a little amount of money in order to get the return. Earning money online and part time has now become a child’s game. You just need to know the rules by heart in order to succeed.

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