About Trevil

Since 1980, Trevil, an Italian company, has been involved in the manufacture of professional ironing equipment and electric steam generators for industrial applications. The factory is located near Milan, Italy.

Why Trevil

In an endeavor to reduce manpower required and optimize quality of finishing, Trevil broke through with a revolutionary product called Pantastar. The USP of Pantastar is, the machine’s productivity in an hour is equivalent to what a human being can accomplish in about eight hours, but with a better and uniform output.

Trevil manufactures all its products itself, it does not reply on any third part to make its products. The company takes pride in the dedication and capability of its employees, who are passionate about making long-lasting and efficient products.

Trevil’s machines are able to remove wrinkles, from garments, with such dexterity that is beyond the capability of any human being.

All its materials and components, sourced, are not only the best quality also ethically made.



Each country has its own characteristic qualities that symbolize its products and differentiates them from the rest. Products from Germany are known for sturdiness and precision, made in the U.S.A. says innovation, Japanese are known for quality control and functionality. Similarly, Italian means unparalleled originality and workmanship.


  • Steam-Iron Suitable for the most delicate fabrics.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with anti-slip grip.
  • An iron mat is supplied at no extra cost.

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Spotting Units

  • Work-surface made of stainless steel.
  • Powerful vacuum controlled via foot pedal.
  • Two spotting and one drying gun to boost productivity.

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Steam Generators for Central Steam Plants

  • Available with capacities of 26 and 28 liters.
  • Power consumption at 18 KW and 30 KW.
  • 24 and 40 kg/hr steam generation capacity.

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Steam Generators for Special Applications

  • Steam generators with heated steam brush.
  • “Steam Ready” light
  • Double thermostat and safety valve

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Suction / Blowing Tables

  • Products in the low-cost LINEABLU range are simple and robust, designed and made in Italy
  • Utility suction and blowing table, with height adjustment, with built-in boiler.
  • Can be set up for point to the left or point to the right operation.

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Tensioning form Finishers for Jackets and Coats

  • It combines the functionalities of a traditional form finisher, a tensioning form finisher for jackets and a shirt unit
  • It can finish delicate dry-cleaned garments
  • It is suitable also for lab coats, uniform jackets and work-wear in general.

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Tensioning form Finishers for Shirts Blouses and Labcoats

  • Full size rear plate
  • The layout of the machine allows for fast loading
  • Exceptional quality due to Trevil’s attention to detail

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Traditional form Finishers

  • Available with self-contained boiler
  • Ironing cabinet with rotating door
  • Ironing cabinet for jackets, trousers, skirts etc.

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Trouser Finishing

  • Waistband and leg size selectors are provided as standard.
  • Topper for denim trousers.
  • A water spray gun is available as an option to improve the finish of particularly wrinkled areas.

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Up Steam Tables

  • Designed for high performance
  • Designed for high durability.
  • Available for central steam connection or with 18 KW built-in boiler.

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Vacuum Boards

  • Each table can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to fit different needs and expense budgets.
  • Series of vacuum boards with powerful suction.

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  • Hand guard
  • Pressing strength adjustment

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What Specialists Say

“When I look at these switchboards, I feel like a bit of an artist: every color is in the right place”

(Alessandro, Electrical Engineering Department)


“”I am obsessed with improving the products I design””

(Alberto, R&D)

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