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A clothes iron is also known as flat iron or a smoothing iron, which is a household or commercial appliance used to remove wrinkles and creases from clothes, linen etc. For a long time, only, dry irons were available in the market. Now with the advent to technology we have steam irons, which along with the ability to generate steam include other features such as water spray, self-cleaning mechanism etc.

The biggest advantage of a steam iron is it removes creases and wrinkles faster than a conventional iron. Thanks to the dual action of the steam, the moisture loosens the fabric while the heat smoothens the fabric.



All-steam iron

  • All-steam iron suitable for safe finishing of sensitive fibers.
  • Antislip handle made of technopolymer, ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Provided with iron mat.

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Mini touch-up iron

  • Electric iron for touch-up.
  • Small, Lightweight.
  • Handy, this mini iron is designed for vertical usage.

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Steam electric irons

  • Using high quality components.
  • Rugged and long lasting.
  • All models feature a double safety thermostat with built-in thermal fuse.

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