Tensioning form Finishers for Shirts Blouses and Labcoats

About Tensioning Finishers

These are dummies in the shape of the body of human beings, which are used to iron shirts, blouses and lab coats. Conventional irons crush garments while pressing thereby imparting a shine to the fabric, this drawback is overcome with tensioners.

The dummy is made of material that allows passage of hot air uniformly even in places such as cuffs, pockets, which are made up of multiple layers of fabric. The uniform flow of air ensures that all parts of shirts etc., which can’t be easily reached by a human hand, are heated evenly to deliver a superior finish and much higher output than manually operated steam irons or steamers.



The Presto FC is a hot plate unit that provides high productivity.

  • Full size rear plate.
  • The layout of the machine allows for fast loading.
  • Exceptional quality due to Trevil’s attention to detail.

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Princess Ultra

Princess Ultra is the utility tensioning finisher that provides a good finish.

  • It is suitable also for lab coats, uniform jackets and workwear in general.
  • It combines the functionalities of a traditional form finisher.
  • It does not require specialized personnel.

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The Trevistar shirt finisher touches perfection: hand finished quality in 50 seconds.

  • Built-in base for forklifting without a crate.
  • Electric and pneumatic components accessible from a single door.
  • The Trevistar has been in production since the year 2000.

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Trevistar CR

The Trevistar CR is the latest evolution of the well-known Trevil blowing shirt finisher.

  • The machine has an output of 50 shirts/hr.
  • Sleeve arms have been redesigned to allow unprecedented control.
  • The movement of the cuff clamps is studied to keep them always correctly aligned.

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