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About Form Finishers

Form finishers are specialized appliances for ironing trousers, jackets, seat covers, shirts, ladies’ dresses etc. using air or steam. In a manner that does not cause overheating of any part and hard to reach areas are not overlooked. They are called form finishers because finishing i.e. ironing is done in the position the garment is worn, to impart a fold-free and pristine look.

These machines deliver a much, superior quality and higher quantity of output per hour than any manual process.



Ironing cabinet.

  • Available with self-contained boiler.
  • Ironing cabinet with rotating door.
  • Ironing cabinet for jackets, trousers, skirts etc.

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Range of traditional steam/air form finishers for jackets, overcoat.

  • Easyform is modern technology.
  • Easyform is designed for the operator’s comfort.
  • The pivoting console can be moved to the most convenient position.

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Easyform for chair covers

Form finisher for chair textile covers.

  • The shape of the frame is custom designed starting from the sample chair provided by the customer.
  • It allows to quickly finish a large number of chair covers.
  • The average time of the finishing cycle is about of 20 seconds per piece.

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Easyform P

Traditional air / steam form finisher with sleeve arms for better finish of sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

  • Easyform is designed for the operator’s comfort.
  • he blowing adjustment conveniently located on the front can be shifted with a foot.
  • Easyform has small footprint of 40 x 120 cm.

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