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Vacuum Boards

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About Vacuum Boards

A vacuum board is an ironing board, in which vacuum is applied to the ironing-surface. This feature expedites the process of ironing by holding the garment in place and directing the flow of steam through the fabric.

These machines empower the operator to deliver a much, superior quality and higher quantity of output per hour even in a manual operation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”5/12″ la_animation_duration=”1″ la_animation_delay=”0″ la_animation_iteration_count=”1″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” el_id=”load-more-main” css=”.vc_custom_1562309756215{background-color: #f9f9f9 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]


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Aliflex with built in boiler

Series of vacuum boards with powerful suction.

  • Each table can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to fit different needs and expense budgets.

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Aliflex without boiler

Series of professional vacuum boards.

  • Sturdy, long lasting construction.
  • Single phase, for easy installation.

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Domostir 3000, 3000 S

Domostir 3000 is the ideal product for professional non-intensive users.

  • Compact, attractive and modern.
  • Comfortable to use.

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Domostir Plia

The power and performance of a professional ironing table have been redesigned for the home.

  • Obtain professional results, while saving time and effort.

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Finishing system for upholsterers

Finishing system for large pieces of cloth and curtains.

  • Two indipendent vacuum units.
  • Adjustable pedal.

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Suction table with heated buck for seam opening of trousers legs.

  • Supplied with garment tray, pivoting iron support, chimney and pneumatic leg tensioning device.

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Lineablu rectangular vacuum board

Products in the low-cost Lineablu range are simple and robust.

  • Surface temperature adjustment.
  • Iron support.

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Lineablu utility vacuum board with boiler

Products in the low-cost Lineablu range are simple and robust.

  • Available in XLS utility shape.
  • With 4KW stainless steel boiler and iron.

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Lineablu vacuum board without boiler

Products in the low-cost Lineablu range are simple and robust.

  • Utility vacuum board with heated surface and thermostatic temperature control.

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Rectangular vacuum board for professional use. With surface heating and height adjustment.

  • Suction on the main surface can be excluded to maximize suction from the bucks.
  • Available in two rectangular shapes.

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Planora 2158

Rectangular vacuum board for professional use.

  • Adjustment of surface height.
  • Electric steam iron with separator.

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Treviself self service ironing table

The first self-service ironing table suitable for coin-operated laundries, hotels, residences and student dormitories.

  • It interfaces with existing coin-op or access control systems.

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For a detailed cost-benefit analysis or to visit our experience center please contact our expert laundry specialist


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Very clean and hygienic place. Excellent service and comfortable stay in place.


No stress and clean clothes in one hour is an amazing experience.


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Fantastic thinking. Very good staff. Real hospitality. Cheers!


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