Wet Cleaning

A thoroughly wet solution

Wet Cleaning is a proprietary cleaning system developed by Electrolux called Electrolux Lagoon Advanced care for cleaning “dry-clean only” labeled garments using water. An environmentally-friendly and proven, alternate solution for the professional garment care industry. The evolution of dry-cleaning, by employing the power of water, non-toxic detergents and latest machines.

The elimination of toxic detergents protects the health of your clients, employees and nature. Garments last longer and clients don’t become carriers and spreaders of harmful chemicals.

Naturalize your cleaning

Water the natural solvent
Use of water makes redundant the use of any toxic-detergents.

Gentle application
Tender care of your precious textiles and “dry clean only” labeled fabrics without compromising on quality of output.

An innovative solution
Effortless procedures with no exceptions.

Lowest Turn Around Time
A process that finishes in 55 minutes, flat.

Make everything wet

You can wet everything without any fear of damage. This method is recommended by the experts such as the Woolmark Company, as suitable for the finest wools labelled dry-clean only.


Future-proof your business

Wet cleaning is the next iteration in garment care, available today for those with foresight.

This process not only protects the environment also safeguards your business from any technology-disruptions. With growing awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals used in dry-cleaning. The future of dry-cleaning is uncertain.

Upgrading today will secure you a better pay grade in the future.

Unique dual advantage of nature and technology

A process that integrates the benefits of water and solvent based cleaning.


For a detailed cost-benefit analysis or to visit our experience center please contact our expert laundry specialist


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